Labour Law
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Labour Advising

Legal professionals.

We help our clients to manage and solve problems but also to implement measures and alternatives that help improve their projects.

Human resources and labour relations consulting and labour advising

• Ongoing labour advising.
• Senior management and its vicissitudes.
• Employment contracts.
• Company policies: development and implementation.
• Gender equality plans.

External flexibility

• Disciplinary dismissals.
• Redundancy-related contract termination.
• Other external flexibility measures.

Legal assistance in labour courts

• Individual proceedings in labour courts.
• Collective proceedings.
• Appeals before High Courts of Justice.
• Appeals before the Supreme Court.

Legal assistance with Labour Inspections

• Legal and personal assistance in proceedings opened with the Labour Inspection.
• Assistance in sanctioning administrative proceedings.
• Claims and appeals in payment settlements with Social Security.
• Interventions in Inspection proceedings on occupational hazard prevention.

Social Security

• Accident assessment proceedings.
• Payment settlement and infringement proceedings.
• Permanent disablements.

Collective bargaining and trade union conflicts

• Collective bargaining agreement negotiation.
• Negotiation of collective layoffs, suspensions, and shorter hours.
• Assistance in union elections.
• Strikes.
• Labour arbitration and mediation.
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