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Roca Domenech, loyal advising at the national level with offices in Madrid and Barcelona.


Customer-focus, high quality service, professionalism, and proximity.


The best solutions to your needs from a place of loyalty, commitment, and professionalism.


Experience, constant learning and exclusive dedication make us a reputable firm.


With offices in two major capitals, Madrid and Barcelona, we work throughout Spain.
Labour Advising

Legal professionals.

We help our clients not only to manage and solve problems but to implement measures and alternatives that help improve their projects.

Labour and human resources consulting

• Advising on labour questions and concerns.
• Design and implementation of company policies.
• Senior management signing.
• Drafting regular employment contracts.
• Gender equality plans and advising on work-life balance.


• Mass redundancies.
• Collective proceedings to suspend or change employment contracts.
• Mass transfers.
• Business successions.

Trials in labour courts

• Regular and special individual legal proceedings.
• Legal proceedings in collective conflicts.
• Exceptional petition and appeal review procedures.

Assistance in Labour Inspections

• Assistance in cases opened with Labour Inspection.
• Advising during the entire administrative disciplinary process.
• Accidents at work and Social Security benefit surcharges.

Collective bargaining and trade union matters

• Collective bargaining agreements.
• Negotiation and drafting of company-specific and collective agreements.
• Elections of employee representatives in companies.
• Strikes.
• Labour arbitration.

Dismissals and contract termination

• Disciplinary dismissals.
• Individual redundancies.
• Termination of temporary contracts.

Labour law professionals


Tomás Roca Gómez-Pablos.
Tomás Roca.

Nice to meet you

Adriana López Gallardo.
Adriana López.

Professionalism and proximity

Álvaro Domenech Ariza.
Álvaro Domenech.

Nice to meet you

Alba Longueira.
Alba Longueira.


Joaquin Echavarri.
Joaquin Echavarri.
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